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    Here’s what is going to be covered in the VIDEO INTERVIEWS:

  • Layers of self sabotage and how to stop them from derailing you

  • Easy at home exercises that require minimal to no equipment to help you stay active

  • Strategies to keep calm and centered in stressful situations and when dealing with difficult emotions and indulgences

  • Simple skincare & makeup routine for glowing skin

  • What you can do to lose weight without dieting

  • Simple anti aging steps to protect your skin and keep it healthy and glowing

  • How to avoid burnout

  • Take the stress out of choosing holiday outfits, dress confidently for your body and bring anxiety down when shopping

  • Freedom Kitchen holiday recipe demo

  • Simplifying and managing expectations

  • How to take control of your health, break old habits and beliefs that are sabotaging your weight loss goals

  • Quick and easy ways to add self-care to your day and manage holiday stress

  • What to do when you are feeling stretched thin and how to set healthy boundaries that protect your time and needs with love

  • The key to having a magical holiday season

  • These interviews are REAL, short and to the point CONVERSATIONS with thought leaders in the wellness and beauty space.

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Kelly Bonanno, Wellness & Life Coach

With over a decade as a wellness educator, Kelly helps women over 40 break free from dieting, release unwanted weight, have more energy and less stress without counting calories or giving up wine, chocolate, and fun! She is the creator of The Body Harmony Method, her holistic, realistic approach that empowers women to feel comfortable in their bodies, fit back into clothes they love and become the best version of themselves. Kelly also helps business owners reduce sick days and burnout while increasing productivity, focus, and morale with her innovative wellness programs and workshops.


Kate Chartrand

Burnout & Life Coach

Brianna Wilkerson

Holistic Health & Life Coach

Rene Bartosh

Founder & Owner, Pure & Coco

Lara Muzio

Certified WildFit®


Lon Brown

Physical Therapist & Fitness Expert

Maria Swan

Stylishly You Confidence &

Wardrobe Builder

Lisa Jendza

Freedom Kitchen Founder 

Dr. Joan Ifland

Food Addiction Expert

Tanja Shaw

Health + Lifestyle Coach for Women 50+

Elizabeth Yarnell

Naturopath & Certified LEAP Therapist

Jessica Raaum Foster

Neuro Performance Coach 

Andrea Endres

Skin Body Spirit Summit Founder